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Posterior Mandible Reconstruction through a tunnel approach

Our dear colleague Yasser Chaib dedicates this case to us after attending our bone grafting course and wrote these words, Thank you Yasser! “In honor of two greats! Jose Luis Dominguez Mompell and Juan Lara Chao thank you for teaching us all about the 2D and 3D reconstructions. After a few months of finishing the…
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Vertical bone reconstruction in posterior maxilla

Hello everyone, today we present this case referred to us by a colleague, he is a 43 year old patient that due to a localized periodontal disease his upper left molar are moving and hopeless. The extraction is perform and after 2 months a 10 mm vertical bone defect is left. We performed a tunnel approach…
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Vertical bone augmentation with the Khoury Technique and tunnel approach

We present the case of a patient who came to her consultation requesting a fixed prosthesis in the posterior mandible section. Clinical and radiological examination showed bone atrophy with a height on the dental nerve of approximately 7.5mm and a horizontal atrophy that precludes the placement of dental implants. In terms of treatment options, we…
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Reconstructive surgery: Partial maxillary atrophy following loss of implants

Dear Colleagues, Next Friday 10th of April in Madrid, we will be delivering a seminar and performing a live surgery consisting of a partial maxillary reconstruction with tunnel access and auto-graft of the mandibular ramus, which will be broadcast to attendees via a closed circuit. The event is free of charge and will take place…
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Coverage of a large recession

Dear Colleagues, Today we present the case of a patient who consulted us having been referred by the orthodontist after orthodontic treatment. She presented with a recession in the central lower right incisor as well as a high frenal attachment. The patient had a very fine gingival biotype that went as far as to cause transparency in the roots of…
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Recession: Frenectomy and tunnelled connective graft

The following patient was referred to us, non-smoking and with no relevant medical history, who presented with this Miller Class II recession in a central lower incisor. She also presented with a high frenal attachment, which alongside her fine gingival biotype was a factor in the recession. We proceeded with a combined approach – we performed a frenectomy and also…
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Covering recessions after orthodontics

Covering recessions after orthodontics The following 38-year-old non-smoking patient, with no relevant medical history, was referred to us by a colleague. The patient stated that after finishing orthodontic treatment, she had noticed a gum recession in the lower incisor and that she wanted to correct the problem. Contributing to the issue was the presence of…
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Gaining height in posterior mandible

The following 38-year-old non-smoking patient with no relevant medical history was referred to us. She had had three implants placed and following an infection, had lost two of them – leaving the defect visible in the photograph. We considered the possibility of short implants or mandibular reconstruction plus the placement of standard implants. With the…
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Follow-up: Post-extraction implants + Connective tissue graft

5 weeks ago, we saw this case of Post-extraction implant + Connective tissue graft, in which we placed a post-extraction implant in a lateral incisor, and to avoid vestibular collapse, we inserted connective tissue through tunnel access. Here you can view photographs of the postoperative period at 7 days and 4 weeks, where you can observe the…
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Anterior section: Post-extraction implant + Connective tissue graft

A 30-year-old male patient was referred to us with root remains in tooth 22. The patient had no relevant medical history and was a non-smoker. We proceeded to perform the extraction as atraumatically as possible. We placed the implant parallel to adjacent teeth and with emergency through its cingulum.