Bone Reconstruction in
Oral Implantology

Our Philosophy

The philosophy we apply to our cases has its basis in maintaining what is existing and re-establishing what is lost in the defect, restoring maxillary or mandibular anatomy to enable us to place the implants in a three-dimensionally ideal position that ensures the quality of bone and soft tissues and makes them long-lasting.

Save approaches

One of the big risks in reconstructive surgery is the wound dehiscence and graft exposure, to prevent this situation we perform tunnel approaches to minimize to zero bone exposures

Autogenous Bone

Autologous grafts are the only grafts we can guarantee have zero antigenicity, meaning that we can assure the patient that there is no possibility at all of rejection. The safety of this material is one of its great advantages.

Soft Tissue

Providing ketarinized and attached soft tissue surrounding dental implants will prevent future problems from happening and give our treatments a good prognosis.

Our Team

DL Oral surgery is a collection of professionals who work exclusively in reconstructive surgery and implantology, which endeavours to satisfy the current demand for aesthetics, function, and long-term reliability.

Juan Lara Chao

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Jose L Mompell

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