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We are pleased to present the second edition of the Reconstructive Surgery Course for 2016.
Reconstructive Surgery Course 2016

It is a theory-practical course that will be of particular interest to odontologists and stomatologists with knowledge of and skills in implantology, who are interested in learning and developing advanced techniques in Reconstructive Surgery and grafts. It consists of 5 modules: two of which are theory and three of which are practical, in which the student will be able to carry out said techniques on patients.
In this course, you will learn how to diagnose and treat these types of cases: Clinical Cases

Aimed at: Odontologists and stomatologists with surgical skill, who are looking to incorporate advanced techniques in reconstructive surgery and bone tissue grafts into their daily practice. Skill and previous experience in oral surgery and implantology is a must.

More information on the course in pdf format at: Reconstructive Surgery Course 2016


Theory Programme

This consists of two modules of theory training and practicals on animal models, orientated towards clinical practice. The following topics will be covered: obtaining intraoral grafts, sinus lifts, double-layered closure, alveolar preservation, gaining bone in height/width, and tunnelling techniques.
Theory Venue: Madrid. Run by DL Oral Surgery:
Dates:  Places limited to 4 students

Course content: The practical programme is designed as follows:
Practical training in Reconstructive Surgery with tunnel access and advanced techniques in Implantology. In this case, it is a prerequisite to have taken the theory modules. Teacher/student ratio is 1:2 in practicals. The faculty specialises in this type of reconstructive surgery and belongs to DL Oral Surgery.
Theory and practice run by DL Oral Surgery:

Objectives: Practical courses on patients, where the student can perform advanced implantology surgery, grafts, sinus lifts and advanced bone reconstructions with tunnel access or double-layered closure.
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